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Who is SMC?

Founded by Nikola Kirov in 2012, Security Management and Compliance Group [SMC] is a trusted organization for both consultation and auditing of companies within the payment card industry.

Since 2012, SMC has performed over 600 audits for physical and logical security on behalf of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The SMC team has provided services both domestically and internationally.

Utilizing a small group of people with real-life experience, SMC is able to provide the personal attention to each client, large or small, to ensure that they not only gain certification to PCI standards, but maintain it. SMC sees this real-life experience as an important tool for understanding the challenges faced by all vendors and then helping them to achieve their goals efficiently and economically.

For this reason, SMC is great choice for consultation as a vendor is gaining interest in becoming certified. With first-hand knowledge of manufacturing, the SMC team has lived through the evolution of PCI. They understand clearly what is needed to meet existing standards for initial certification and provide their clients a roadmap to achieve this.

Knowledge and experience has made SMC the audit firm of choice for over 50 card production facilities in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and the CEMEA region.

Some of SMC's notable PCI clients include: Thales, Idemia, G&D, Valid S.A., Valid USA, Austria Card, TAG Systems, & FIS.

Learn more about our team HERE.

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